Monkeys Trade Food For Sex

Male chimps in the Fongoli region of Senegal give females food and tools in exchange for 'sexual favors.'  

The Fongoli chimps hunt other animals with spears, take shelter in caves, and trade their tools like a Canadian fur trapper. 

Scientist want to draw parallels between humans and these monkeys.  Never mind geese mate for life and hang out in the same golf courses.  Or that ants toil like minions in a sweat-shop in Thailand.

Mammals do sex. If a chimp trades a stick for a lick, it doesn't follow humans did the same thing ten-thousand years ago - or did they?

Do you know anyone that traded a twinkie and a power tool for five minutes in the back seat of a 57 Chevy after downing a six pack of Budweiser on a high school prom night?

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