Study: Weed Smokers Get Brain Damage

The argument over Cannibas Sativa is about taxation.

Marijuana users from the 60's seeded a dead-generation of dope-heads ready to push for legalization ignoring strong medical evidence that toking Maryjane is the same as smoking cigarettes.

A stark double standard is practiced by the anti-social reefer-crowd who insist that 'their' destructive habit is different, even healthy!

Why are dopers are so 'militant' and willfully ignorant? Scientists found in a frontal region of the brain, known as the orbitofrontal cortex, which controls memory and decision-making, potheads suffer 6% atrophy.

Little kids have smaller orbitofrontal cortex making them impulsive and short on decision-making capability.  Parents call that 'being a child.'

As an extra added bonus the study confirms long-term use shrinks the orbitofrontal cortex even more.  Which explains why long term users become virtual vegetables.

Legalization is not about unleashing the alleged grand 'benefits' of weed, it's about crafty Democrats looking for new sources of tax revenue.  And dope smokers are willing sheep to shear.