Suicide Swan Dive Into Vat Of Scotch Whisky

In a suspected suicide, Brian Ettles, 46, hopped into 50,000-litre tank of fine Glenfiddich Distillery scotch whisky and drowned.

Glenfiddich founded in 1886 by William Grant in Dufftown, Scotland, makes the world's best single-malt scotch whisky.

Neighbor Eileen Mackenzie, 67, said: ‘I am just really’s such a horrible way for someone to go and most people I have spoken to are really quite upset about it...he was just a young man and I have no idea what might have made him want to take his own life in such a way.’

Ettles was employed at Glenfiddich for 23 years. He knew the place well, he knew what diving mouth first into the whisky vat meant, he knew, he knew, really he knew...

Ettles left a wife and two adult kids. Tragic as this is, if you run out of gas, and you worked for a quarter-century at the best scotch whisky company in the world, somehow, this makes sense in a twisted kind of way.

Now the ancient scotch maker have themselves a scotch whiskey ghost. Ettles will be haunting distillery tourists a hundred years from now.

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