54% Of Women 57% Of Men Cheat

You wake up one day shattered because the person you gave your goodies too swapped them for someone else's goodies.

Cheating is the ultimate betrayal.  And those who indulge in the dark practice are the ultimate thieves. Yet stats say more people cheat than remain faithful.

Psychology Today magazine says there are eight distinct reasons people cheat:
  1. Lack of sexual satisfaction usually stems from frequency issues.  Some are nymphos others are not.
  2. Lust for variety.  If this is your issue you shouldn't try for a long-term relationship.
  3. Emotional turbulence.  The home front looks more like the Western Front.
  4. Whore complex.  Abusive mom/dad leads to constant approval seeking from others thru sex.
  5.  Love wanes.  The spark, fire, passion and even general interest fades.
  6. Love moves.  The spark, fire, passion gets ignited by someone else.
  7. Revenge.  He/she pissed you off so screwing them by screwing others seems right.
  8. Curiosity.  Discovered sex is like a wet toy so filling the toy chest becomes insatiable.
Cheaters destroy not only others, they gut themselves too.  Cheating is about loss of integrity and honesty. - Those who cheat are worthless chunks of shit destined for a distant death bed of regret.

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