Cardiovascular Cure - Beer

Scientists at Harokopio University in Athens studied seventeen non-smoking thirty-something year old men and their cardiovascular health.  Each guzzled a 400ml of beer - equivalent to 2/3rds of a pint.

The same test repeated using vodka.  Result?

The beer made the arteries more flexible and improved blood flow substantially.  The vodka bubkiss - much less improvement.

Does this mean more beer is better. No.  Beer also attacks the liver and kidneys, so moderation, as if you didn't know, is key.  Can you ignore the ravages of indulging in fatty diets, lack of exercise and smoking? Need we say it?

But the good news is, you can chug a beer with your bacon and eggs as long as you leave out the bacon and eggs. Your heart will heart you for it.

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