Voters Proving Ignorance Is Bliss

Why the USA is stuck with Obama and the train wreck he calls a presidency is no mystery. 

As H.L. Menckin oft misquoted said in 1910, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."

Menckin understood better than most the government we have is the result of an aggregated force of ignorance and delusion.

The Democrat party knows how to manipulate a public that has little time, and even less inclination to wade through disinformation.

The damage may be permanent.  And by the time truth prevails it may just be too late.
  • “Four in ten Americans (42%) are unaware that the Obamacare is still the law of the land,” the Kaiser Report found, “including 12% who believe the law has been repealed by Congress, 7% who believe it has been overturned by the Supreme Court and 23% who say they don’t know enough to say what the status of the law is.”
  • NRL Poll reveals: 88% say they know Planned Parenthood exists,  63% say they like the organization, and 55% of said they didn't know Planned Parenthood performs abortions. 
  • Conspiracy Theory Polls: 51% still think Global Warming is real despite compelling evidence proving a mini ice age is developing. 20% think vaccines cause autism, 51% cling to the JFK grassy knoll myth.  Over 50% of Democrats think Bush lied about WMD but Obama is telling the truth about Benghazi.
  • PEW News IQ Quiz:  A generalized quiz of 13 simple question testing current events knowledge.  US voters average score is 60%.  A poor grade at best.
Why are voters so low on the facts?  Take a guess. The numbing effect works just as well as the ignoring effect.

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