Teen Arrested Flushing Baby Down Toilet

The title says it all.  But the blog explains what it really means. Yet another horrific crime against a child in the name of a woman's right to kill kids

Just days after a video showing a New York abortion clinic worker urging a patient to flush her kid down a toilet, a teen in Lancaster, Pa has been arrested after a custodian at her high school witnessed the a student copy-cat act flushing her kid down a school toilet.

Police say 19-year old Cherlie Lafleur gave birth to the baby Tuesday at McCaskey East High School.  The cops say when Cherlie failed to flush the kid she tossed the hapless bundle in a trash instead.

An autopsy is being performed while Cherlie cools her heels in jail under a $1 million buck bond.

While left-wingers, doctors, and pro-abortion assholes get busy ignoring or trying to minimize these things, unlucky and defenseless kids are being slaughtered in the name of abortion rights.

The grim truth is the whole thing is completely beyond okay.  Killing kids in the womb may be standard practice, killing kids that manage to make it out of the womb should be something else, yet apparently acceptable to the monsters that hide behind the derived right to privacy and abortion.

We wait for that one dead kid to be the kid too far.  Left wing hypocrisy on this subject is extra nasty considering these same dick-weeds are first to picket the execution of a convicted killer.  Translated: defend brutal killers of those already on the planet but condemn innocent kids yet to take a first or second breath. 

Our era is blood stained beyond redemption.

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