Cancer From A Garden Hose?

Ever take a big swig from a garden hose and get that rubbery, plasticky, metallic taste?  Well, you were right, there are plastic, metals, and other toxic agents hiving in the hose waiting to enter your gut. tested 90 water hoses and found all contained lead and phthalates exceeding Consumer Product Safety Commission levels.

A stout 33% of the hoses contained lead levels higher than Federal Safe Drinking Water Standard allow.  The hoses also deliver a snotty dose of PVC, which can cause birth defects, liver toxicity, and cancer.

Well, crying wolf over yet another 'thing' that causes cancer is numbing. And a lot of young people are showing warning-fatigue as they flock to beaches and tanning salons ignoring  skin cancer threats. So, we expect the same group of 'we are young and will live forever' to slurp from a hose as they have always done.

After all, no one gets out alive right?  At least it's easy to say that when you are still healthy and don't have a chunk of luggage attached to your body, or have six months to live waiting for a liver transplant.