SF Cracks Down On Poopers & Weenie Wavers

Always vigilant and professional the Bay Area Rapid Transit cops have a big and important job to do.  Remember, they have to keep order in San Francisco - the city of degenerates, debauchers, perverts, prattlers, peter-puffers and crack-hoes.

The visionary California assembly passed a law last year empowering BART cops with the authority to issue a "prohibition order."

Translated the power lets BART cops ticket those who defecate, urinate, masturbate, sell drugs, assault other passengers, or write graffiti in and on the trains.

The punishment for laying down a steamy pile of Lincoln-logs in the middle of  Civic Center Plaza?  Thirty-days riding restriction.  And supposed you make a date with Palmela Handerson on the Pleasanton express?  Well, that can get you kicked off a train before you can whip out a handy wipe to cover your tracks..

The hard part of the BART story isn't the sudden bite-down on weenie wavers, wife-beaters and meth dealers.  No.  The real question is why it's taken two decades to go after these crazies to start with....