105-Year-Old Woman's Secret? Bacon...

Texas grows their women with thick, hard bark all over baby.  So when Pearl Cantrell had her 105th birthday she let her secret out.  Pearl says, "I love bacon and I eat it everyday. I don't feel as old as I am, that's all I can say."

Pearl had seven kids and so far has outlived her non-bacon eating husband and three of her kids.  So when Pearl sat down to blow out the 105 candles  Abraham Luna from Oscar Mayer was right there shoving a slab of bacon into her hand.

Abraham fired up the Wienermobile and gave the 'bacon woman' a ride in the hot dog wagon.  But that's not all.  Oscar Mayer annointed Pearl with a 'lifetime' of strips for her frying pan.  Pure marketing genius.

Pearl's daughter, 88, says mom taught them to savor life and a bust-a-move on bacon every day.  She also said Pearl is a dancer and still clogs, jigs and square dances once in a while.

Well, there it is.  Bowel cancer scare or no.  Clogged arteries or no.  Pearl is a dancer and that's all there is to it folks.

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