50% Of Parents Steal From Their Kids Savings

Obama's recession has been deep, long, and devastating to families up and down the economic ladder.  Today, more people are on Food Stamps and Disability than ever.  And the 'lucky' few who have jobs are working for less pay and with accelerating health care and energy costs.

So with no way to increase income and no way to control costs, half of parents are admitting they are stealing money from their kids savings.

A poll by CouponCodes4u asked 2,578 parents if they were doing the dastardly deed. A full 49% said they had, and 51% said they didn't feel guilt or remorse for doing it.

Nearly 45% of those admitting to the savings account raid said they had not, and likely will not replace the funds.

These parents are rationalizing cracking and cooking their kid's nest egg. Anyone wonder if these are same people that'll expect the government to cover for their kids when college comes along?  Of course.

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