Motorcycle Rider Merges With Truck

Ready for your morning freak accident report?

CHP Officer Christopher Dalin was called by a group of German tourists cruising along California desert highway 15 near the Cajon Pass.  The Deutschlanders said they saw a motorcycle fly by them at over 130mph. Why so speed specific? 'We drive on the autobahn, we know what high speeds are.'

Wham! The bike and rider slammed into the back of a fairly new Nissan Titan pickup truck. The bike went one way, the rider took flight and rolled-up into the bed of the truck. The truck owner oblivious to the collision and additional passenger kept truck'n down the road.

All the cops could find was the crumpled motorcycle and no rider. They searched for almost half an hour before the  other call came in.

The Nissan driver said he felt a bump but assumed he hit debris on the road near where the collision occurred.

Officer Dahlin, ‘He (the Nissan guy) looked in his right mirror and his left and saw nothing, then he looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed a hand waving at him from the rear of his truck.’

No charges have been filed. No doubt the biker will sue the truck guy for driving under the speed limit.