Hackers Expose Online Pedophiles

Most of us harbor disdain for the scoff-law hackers running around the internet breaking into private systems and stealing stuff.

But now the infamous group 'Anonymous' is going vigilante on pedophiles twisting our perception of them as bad guys.

Pedophiles are using the vast internet to hive and infect and spread their tawdry perversions.  It seems Anonymous is going to do something about it, even if law enforcements hand are tied.

'Recently it has come to our attention that there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat and picture sharing,' said a Guy Fawkes masked Anonymous hacker in a new online video announcing their plans.

The pedo sites are cleverly hidden and unknown to 'ordinary' internet users.   The group also wants the public to help and of course approve.

'Anonymous aim to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the internet. For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the internet and systematically destroy any such boards that continue to operate.'

Vigilante pedophile hunters for the greater good? What's next...Obama born again as a conservative jobs maker?

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