US Postal Service Bolts From Brooklyn

In a grand twist of civil service cowardice the US Postal Service has admitted they're afraid to deliver mail in Brooklyn, NYC.  Why?  Need you ask?

Unique to the USPS is that blacks have been able to get jobs there for a hundred years.  Long before Civil Rights Act of 1957 the USPS was and still is the single largest employer for blacks.

And Brooklyn is black central in NYC, even more so than Haarlem.

Blacks in Brooklyn are pissed-off because mail is sitting in a sack back at the post office instead of being stuffed into their mail boxes.  Not even black postal carriers will go into dark, gang infested black neighborhoods to do their jobs.

So don't expect pasty-white guys to rush in there.  It's much safer back at the annex where postal workers shoot each other before they get into their mail trucks.

“The postal workers have a right to fear for their life,” said Quantanya White. “It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail. Just because this place is bad, you’re not going to deliver the mail?

Maybe the Brooklyn folks should give Obama a call? Frankly what good is it to have one of your own in charge if he won't make sure the mail gets delivered on time or even at all!

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