How Fat Is Fat? Baby Boomer Bubble Butts

No need to repeat the deleterious facts about fat.  You know who you are and why fat stories get your goat.

The BMI (Body Mass Index) is sharpest tool in the fat screening arsenal.  An overly techno sounding term used by doctors and dummies to get a handle on who is wallowing and who is winning.

The BMI for a 5'-2" 160 pounder is 30 putting the pint-sized plate-cleaner in the land-o-potamus universe.

But if you don't like your BMI maybe the waist-to-height scale is your cheeseburger of choice.  Researchers from the Oxford Brookes University say your waist should be no more than half your height.

Using the WH method 5-2, 160 pound curmudgeon needs to have a waist of 31 inches or less to be considered healthy.

Confused? Well, you can still get depressed trying to squeeze your middle-aged bubble-butt into a pair of jeans you kept from your high school days.  Just make sure you try them on when no one else is around, few things in life are more pathetic than an overweight baby-boomer bent over and ripping crotch in the middle of a calm afternoon.

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