Feds Employ More Low Wagers Than Walmart

Nancy Pelosi says a jobless check is an economic stimulus, Obamacare is an example of the pursuit of happiness, and a government job is preferable to a private sector job.

Nancy is the prototype poster-grannie for liberals.

Think tank Demos says the federal government funds 2 million people making $12 an hour or less ($24k a year).  The number of workers at Wal-Mart and McDonald's combined at $12 an hour or less is around 1.5 million..  

The federal poverty line is $23,550 a year for a family of four, incidentally.

"People at these levels of income have to go on food stamps or other forms of government assistance and this just compounds the problem," says Amy Traub analyst at Demos.

"This is another example of our low-wage economy," said Jason Bent, a professor of employment law at Stetson University.  Low wage economy? Certainly voters didn't think they were buying a low wage economy when they put Obama into office twice, did they?  Or did they?