Black Bible Belter Thumps Believer With Bible

No one knows what got into Evelyn Mills Moore, 57 of Kings Mountain, NC when she suddenly jumped from her pew and started to beat the bejesus out of a fellow parishioner with her bible.

But that's what happened say police.

The alleged victim was bruised so badly she had to be taken to the hospital.  The words 'Holy Bible' left imprinted on her head, face and arms.

Evelyn was charged with assault inflicting serious injury for beating the unsuspecting woman so viciously.

But Evelyn wasn't done.  Some guy tried to stop the fight.  So Evelyn turned on him too.  After the holy smoke cleared, the damage was doubled and Ms Moore's in custody unable to meet a $105,000 bond.

Evelyn is gonna need a good lawyer.  Maybe William Jennings Bryan of Scopes Monkey Trial fame has a great grandson practicing law somewhere.  After all, the crazed woman has a pretty good defense, obviously the Devil made her do it.