Guy Brings Pipe Bomb To Gun Buyback

Do gun buybacks work?  No.  Then why pay more for old guns than they're worth?  Because it 'feels' good, of course.  Even anti-gun groups admit it's an exercise in futility.

Los Angeles gun buybacks have taken-in around 10,000 weapons and at least one bazooka since 2009. Compare that to over 3 million gun registrations since 2009.  And 2,000 guns sold each day in LA.

Of the twenty-seven city gun-buyback programs since the slaughter at Sandy Hook riled up the gun-grabbers, just 5,700 firearms have been collected.  Old, discarded guns for $200 bucks without ammo - only a lame liberal would dream up that kind of broken business model.

LA had six more gun buybacks last weekend.  Not really news.  But one guy walked in with a pipe bomb and was arrested. That's not only news, it's amusing.  LA Police Chief Charlie Beck said the man “told the officers in the line that he had spoken to God that day, and God no longer wanted him to use that bomb to blow up the Hollywood sign, now he wanted him to turn it in.”

Chief Beck babbled the usual babble how guns taken off the street lead to less murder - a chunk of unsubstantiated mangled-logic only a public servant ass-kisser would spit up.

The DOJ reported yesterday that gun violence is down 50% since 1993 despite weapons sales up by 2000%.  Explain that dynamic Charlie...

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