California Pre-Teen Condom Giveaway

Wonder if it occurred to the idiots in California that encouraging kids to have sex and helping them hide their sexual promiscuity from parents makes the problem worse?

If you want it broken now, and you want it broken badly just get a liberal involved.

The bankrupt state that loves to spend money has a Condom Access Project, run by the California Health Council. The state agency is on a quest to make get condoms to kids as young as twelve all at taxpayer expense, of course. The website is called

And it's a pip folks.  The thrust of the site is to get teens and twelve-year olds to order 10 free condoms delivered in confidential packaging, along with lubricant and educational materials right to their front door without parents finding out!  Sex instruction, medications and condoms are hands-off to parents, it's the law.

California is rampant with STDs; syphilis cases zoomed 18% from 2010 to 2011, Chlamydia rose 5% and gonorrhea rose 1.5%.   Since the state has taken over the subject of sex with kids STDs are epidemic.  Just the way liberals like it...