SF's Shared Spit Spargefaction Stations

Where else but California would a dangerous hygiene habit like refilling plastic water bottles from communal refilling station originate?

The once golden state is down to loose change.  But this story is about plastic water bottles.  

San Francisco is the city that gave the nation Harvey Milk, Nancy Pelosi and an HIV epidemic.  The town that regulated Happy Meal toys, banned plastic grocery bags, has a homeless 'no sit' law, and elected a wife-beater for sheriff has a new solution-looking-for-a-problem.

SF wants to require businesses to install expensive 'water bottle refilling stations' dispensing the same city water flowing from any common household faucet.

Talk about an invitation to Hepatitis. Just as reusable grocery bags are now vectors for the norovirus, here is yet another way to pass infections around.

It doesn't take a village to find a town full of idiots - just pick from among the numbskulls by the bay.

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