NYC Bike Sharing Bans Fat-Asses

In a daring and no doubt litigious move to protect bicycle assets in the new CitiBike bike sharing program a weight limit on those tipping the cattle-scales over 260 pounds has been instated.

In a few days NYC will deploy 6,000 bikes at 330 stations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, with plans to expand eventually to 10,000 bikes and 600 docking stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The $40 million plus idea is mainly funded by the once taxpayer bailed out CitiBank.  An annual rider fee of a mere $95 is all you need to gain the privilege of grabbing a set of spittled handlebar grips and to mount a who-knows-whose-ass-crack-was-last-to-wrap-the-seat kind of huff-and-puff two-wheeled two-mph public transport.

Still you can't be a disgusting fat body to play and that has the rotund riled-up.  The city says the bicycle manufacturer and the insurance company want the whales to stay off.  Weight restricting mimics the 256 pound (18.2857 stone) limit London has for their version of communal velocipeding.

NYC DOT policy director Jon Orcutt said the city won't strictly enforce the weight limit. So Jon is looking to get fired defying the insurance company and voiding the warranty on the bicycles it appears.

Ah, New York - land of mutants, morons, and masticated bubble-butts..