61% Of College Kids Want Small Government

IRS Goes After Groups Advocating Smaller Government

Sheila Jackson Lee is a ferocious left-wing bully who sat on her fat-ass in a committee this week and uttered the refrain most of us find repulsive - there is a constitutional 'right' to healthcare.

Liberals erroneously assign entitlements, giveaways, preferences, and even abortion as 'rights' under the constitution.

A 'right' is not a goodie or a license to take a human life - these rights do not cost others money, loss of life or freedom.

A right under the constitution is assigned either to a person or persons (natural rights) or citizen (privileges and duties).  Said rights are not available to underage or non-citizens or are restricted for special classes of people like felons and illegal immigrants.

The expansion of government to the point where the IRS targets political opponents of the regime in power is not the American way, and violates both law and the constitution.  And college kids are starting to notice.

Since Obama has been around college kids have been assaulted with 45% jobless rates and 200% tuition hikes.  Young America's Foundation polling found that 61% of college-age students now think government should leave people alone, and half think the federal government is behind the crushed economy.

Bad news for Sheila Jackson Lee and the other libbie gnomes working hard to subvert the constitution and expand government so they can sit atop the pile and wield power like the monarchs of old.

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IRS Goes After Groups Advocating Smaller Government