Copper Thief Zapped By High-Power Line

What happens when you mix mountain inbreeding with copper theft?  You get Dalton Newhouse, 22, of Oak Hill, West Virginia, who shot a 33kV high-power line with his hunting rifle and then reached down to grab the severed end with his bare hands.

Dalton's french-fried head was found by rangers in the Berry Mountain Wildlife Area. The mountain cops arrested Charles Norris, 22, of Oak Hill, who took part in the power-line BBQ but for some reason waited to see what would happen to Dalton and then stood dumbly by waiting for the cops to show up.

Charlie is sitting in the hoosegow today charged with attempt to commit a felony, conspiracy to commit a felony and disruption of a public utility.

Though Dalton also disrupted a public utility the mountain cops decided against charging him since he couldn't 'stand' trial anyway.

Hey, it's West Virginia. You can bet the mountain cops probably thought about cuffing and arresting Dalton too.  And the Angle is happy to report one less mutant polluting the gene pool.

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