Women Pretend They Don't Fart

Females still want a mystique.  Yet also want the freedom to be just as crude and lewd as men.

This conflict keeps women from 'sharing' the wide range of bodily noises and full view, open door dump-taking 'till at least seven months after the first kiss. The behavior is odd considering most of the orifices and juices have already been exchanged.

Men by contrast are willing, able and anxious to fart, belch and describe useless details of their dumps in just weeks, if not sooner.

Some women will even keep the makeup and clothing facade going long after the 'neoteric' factor has run-out.   These are the ladies still having sex in the dark and laying awake next to their partners waiting for the lumbering lug to get out of bed first so she can rush to the bathroom and hermetically seal the door shut.

Men intuitively know women fart too.  But most men will tell you they are fine with the ladies scurring behind a closed bathroom door before releasing a night-long buildup of the prior days black bean burrito.

It's one hypocrisy's men are proud to possess.

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