Wheelchair Posers Cut Airport Lines

The federal 1986 Air Carrier Access Act requires airlines to give priority to disabled travelers. Wheelchair riding passengers need not show proof of disability either. 

Works for real handicapped - and works for mock handicapped too.

Helping faux-gimps bump to the front of boarding lines are the wheelchair attendants making little more than minimum wage.  Bribing an attendant to seat-and-send a line jumper in a wheelchair is easy, of course.

The joke is well known to flight crews who call the tactic a 'miracle flight' because once the perps gets past the lines they stand and walk onto the plane - like rube palmed by Elmer Gantry starring Burt Lancaster.

Plenty of this is going on now that the five-year recession has pretty much driven civility and patience out of the average guy.  As times get tougher, more strenuous, more harassing, more desperate people react with selfish disregard and lower themselves to petty maneuvers like this one.

There's no law, rule, standard, or qualm to question or stop these wheelchair jockeys from plying their guileful trespass. The honest traveler just has to take it standing up.  At least they aren't taking your seat, oh wait, they also get seating preference too.