Kuwait's Death Penalty For Dissing Allah

Only Texas has an effective death penalty in the USA. But to buy a dirt blanket in Texas full-frontal capital murder must be your crime.

In California executions are so rare that lethal injection drugs go stale long before the guy is strapped to the table.  So few to none are done.

By contrast, the Muslim world has distinctly different priorities.  For example this week Kuwait's parliament enacted a death penalty punishment for any Muslim who insults Allah, "his prophets, messengers, Prophet Mohammed's wives or the Koran, in any form of expression, if they don't repent."

The appeals process requires the 'offender' to repent.  Those swift enough to retract commute to five years in prison and a $36,000 fine.  Let's see, get your head removed by a hepatitis-laced sword, or do five years and pay less than the price of a Ford Escort in fines?  Any bets the Allah blasphemers take door B?

The vote wasn't close - 40 aye, 1 nay.  Lawmaker AbdulHamid Dashti objected on scope grounds, 'the law should be broadened to criminalize those who insult all beliefs and faiths.'

When Sharia Law takes over in Britain and the USA it's gonna get tense.  A shortage of swordsman executioners are already making a backlog in death rows in Saudi Arabia.  The added execution workload in California alone will make the Saudi problem look like kids playing on a beach by comparison.