Woman Calls 911 Demanding Divorce

A Pennsylvania woman called 911 just after midnight Saturday demanding the police take her husband away because she wanted a divorce and he refused to leave.  The crew at the 911 switchboard were not amused but sent officers to respond anyway.

When the cops arrived the woman showed signs of relief right up to the point the cops took her aside for the 'lecture.'  Officers informed the woman that 911 is to be used for emergencies not for civil divorce matters.  They further instructed her that her husband had committed no crime and therefore would not be arrested or forced to leave his own home.

The woman was cited for disorderly conduct and misuse of the Erie, PA 911 system.  This story is fairly mundane, agreed.

But today is pretty much shot because the media is on a feeding frenzy rubber necking Boston.  Obama also out this AM with yet another predictable speech on a brand new crises and we all know Obama feeds on such disasters..

Plus we get the extra added bonus as the circling, buzzing, blustering carrion eating liberals desperately try to link another horrendous act of terror (Obama refused to call it a terror act predictably) to conservatives.

So the divorce story will have to do for now, the rest of the day's news is not news at all, and watching liberals make jack-asses of themselves is also pretty boring stuff.

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