Science: Eyes Give Gays Away

Eyes are the window to the soul, and to sex preference. 

Researchers say the pupils give gynandrous clues tipping testers as to who is light-in-the-loafers and who is not.  In other words, gaydar doppler has arrived - the pupils do not lie.

Subjects were shown masturbation by both sexes, and neutral landscapes.  Straight men, of course, salivated over the females touching themselves, while gay men did the same for males spanking the monkey.  No revelation there.

Women oddly, straight or gay, responded the same to female frolic which explains why they are fine kissing each other on the lips when they greet.

The science team quickly discounted the notion that straight women are bi-sexual.  But the terminology used to describe why straight women responded the same as lesbians seems like gobbly-gook, so the Angle won't try to paraphrase.

Google glasses should be upgraded to read pupil dilation so we mortals can more readily avoid the obvious social pitfalls of guessing wrong.