Smoking 'Preexisting Condition' Under Obamacare

The DC Obamacare czars have found a jolly pathway to utter chaos in jamming the system with self-masticating people.  According to them smoking is not a choice, it's a disease like breast cancer or catching a cold..

Insurance companies have heretofore treated smoking as a preventable disease - imagine that!  And so smokers have had to pay higher premiums.

Punishing smokers by making their inevitable lung cancer more expensive may stop a few from going there, but no more..  Insurance companies will need to up-charge private customers to make up the difference - isn't this fun?.

The slippery slope of alleviating personal responsibility for self-inflicted ill-health is steep and long.  If smoking can't be helped then drug addiction, self-mutilation, drunk driving, pregnancy, wife beating, obesity, and sexual promiscuity also all fall under the 'not my fault' paradigm.  Cost free and self-inflicted, baby.

Obamacare is designed to destroy the private medical insurance system.  Really the entire medical system also in jeopardy.  Wow.  Don't even think about sickness in Obama's world folks.  You are being priced out..