Frog Phobia Nets NY Man $1.6 Million

Frivolous lawsuit or justice served - you be the judge.

Paul Marinaccio Sr. launched a lawsuit again developer Kieffer Enterprises and the town of Clarence for flooding his property leading to a frog frenzy.

Marinaccio says he became 'a prisoner in my own home' and wants Keiffer to pay to drain and remove the amphibians.

Marinaccio grew up in Italy where a man holding bullfrogs chased him away scaring him for life.  'I am petrified. I go home at night and I can't get in my garage because of the frogs,' Marinaccio told jurors. 'They're right in front of the damn door, OK?'

The New York supreme court upheld the $1.6 million payout but denied him $250k in punitive damages. Still, Marinaccio somehow managed to get out of his house long enough to go to court.

Marinaccio says he had to call his grown daughter, who lives a few miles away, two or three nights a week to come over and shoo away the frogs.

After the water and frogs are taken care of Marinaccio says he is gonna get some cows. Apparently the frog scardy-cat is fine with flies and cow shit.