Black Males Half Of All Murder Victims

Black males are born doomed.  Black men are far more likely to be murdered than die from disease, accident, or suicide.

Over half of black males are jobless and 70% of them are functionally illiterate. Black males are about 6% of the population yet constitute 60% of prison populations.

Even if a black male beats the odds and lives to retire over half of them will have been shot by age 30 and will have been convicted of a felony.

Professor Dr Hennekens of Florida Atlantic U says black men were 6x more likely to die as a result of murder and 7x more likely to commit murder than whites. Hennekens also found that over half of the national yearly homicide victims are blacks.

And of those murders 91% are committed using a gun. Keeping guns out of the hands of blacks alone would reduce the national murder rate by 50%.

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