Scientist Defends Federal Duck Dick Study

The US federal government is larger than all other federal governments worldwide - combined.

So when we citizens keep hearing about absurd, wasteful, idiotic, even destructive ways money is being schlepped around DC none of us is surprised to find examples like the duck dick story. 

Dopey scientist Patrica Brennan got defensive about her National Science Foundation funding to research duck genitalia after a Fox News poll showed 89% objected.

The essence of Ms Brennan's 'work' examines duck rape and how duck female genitalia have evolved to prevent insemination because the male duck penises spirals counterclockwise while female duck vaginas spiral clockwise.

Good grief! Did this lady really get a college degree?   Brennan digs deeper, 'Generating new knowledge of what factors affect genital morphology in ducks...may have significant applied uses in the future...'   Such as?

The insanity of continued funding for crap like this while the outrage Obama generates cutting WH tours, border security, and air traffic safety cannot be overstated.

Oh, and today Obama patted Nancy Pelosi on her grannie ass insisting she be made House Speaker again. He says he needs her - what do we say?