Poll: 25% Think Obama Is The Antichrist

Whether he is or isn't the Antichrist a quarter of Obama voters polled by the Public Policy Polling Group (PPP) suspect Obama is more than just an incompetent president.

The PPP group wanted to test how deeply conspiracy theory is percolating among voters.  They found the obvious.

Those who think Obama is a sinister actor working to undo the nation already disliked the guy.  And those who deny there's a problem are the same idiot empty-headed liberals carrying water for Obama even today.

Other fun findings reveal 28% think a power elite are in cahoots worldwide creating a New World Order,   44% think Bush lied about WMD to justify killing Saddam Hussein, 51% think global warming is real, 54% suspect vaccines are connected to autism, 53% think aliens exist, 51% think Oswald had help.  Over 51% those surveyed said they did indeed vote for Obama.

Which begs the question, if so many Obama voters suspect Obama is up to no good why did they vote for him - twice?  More evidence the mind of a liberal is in a constant disease state without hope of rehabilitation.

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