Blind Cancer Victim Buried With Guide Dog

Blind Shelia Stadler, 68, from Terre Haute, Indiana, ended her days in the dark with her best friend at her side - her yellow Labrador guide dog Toffee.

Sheilia had cancer so she had time to think about her own funeral. She wanted to be buried with her five-year-old friend and helper, Toffee.

When the sad day came and Sheilia was laid to rest, joining her was Toffee euthanized by her son Andy according to his mothers wishes. The obituary mentioned the dog and that's when the dog shit hit the fan.

Andy started getting death threats and aggressive and abusive judgmental commentary on Facebook, even from members of his own family.

People are having fun attacking this guy. But the bottom line is the dog was Ms Stadler's property and her friend. And really anyone who disapproves can go chew on a wet dog toy.

Wanna bet none of these turds thought to extend their condolences to the bereaved?

These feces makers are fine when cows, pigs, dogs, horses, chickens, and plant life are killed for their blood-lust-based sustenance.  Kill for abortion or food, fine. Death doggie partner? Oh please no, that's too cruel.

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