Nine Loathsome Liberal Mendacities

Do you suspect Obama and his paunchy pals are not who they pretend to be?   Or are you still confused and beguiled by the Democrats use of fallacy and falsehood?

The Angle is here to help.  The tools liberals use are chapter/verse from the book of fractured fairytales.  Few of us have time to chase this crap down, so here goes.

Find below nine of nearly ninety-nine ways insidious liberals twist a phrase, misdirect your attention, and mangle the truth.

  • Strawman - misrepresenting and rephrasing someones argument to elevate yours. Ex:  Obama's state of the union was fraught with a dozen strawman exaggerations, here is one: “Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms.”  First, no one is denying real science but do question faux science.  Second, there is no real science linking fires, drought or storms to Global Warming which is the subtext of this statement.
  • Slippery Slope - asserting that anything judged unwanted will lead to an avalanche of unwanted future things.  Ex: Obama's contention that sequester cuts will lead to full meltdown of the economy.
  • Ad Hominem - attacking character or name calling.  Ex: Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin the 'C' word.
  • Loaded Question - positing rhetorical question with false assumption. Ex: Wolf Blitzer asks Ron Paul: 'would you let this man die' implying Paul's opposition to Obamacare leads to people dying.
  • Black-White Dilemma - falsely requires yes or no answer.  Ex: race baiters use of race card for anyone critical of Obama.
  • Begging The Question - postulating a false premise.  Ex:  Obama was a constitutional law professor so it's impossible for Obama to countermand the constitution.
  • False Analogy - making a comparison between two assumed similarities.  Ex: Pelosi and Obama compare forced purchase of health insurance with car insurance.  False because health insurance covers life which is endowed by the creator, cars are a privilege endowed by no one.
  • Non Sequeter (doesn't follow) - false conclusion from a stated fact.  Ex: Liberals contend gun control will better protect kids from gun violence.  Blames guns and ignores shooters.
  • Tu Quogue - justifying a contention because 'they did it too.'  Ex. Obama blames Israel for being attacked by Palestinian rockets because Israel attacks Gaza.  Israel has never attacked anyone, they are always defending.
Many sense there is something wrong and there is something wrong.  The dishonesty and game playing some refer to as 'just politics' is an intentional use of false logic by Democrats.  The ship of state is without rudder - sailing aimlessly on rough seas denied a home port as long as voters fail to wake up and smell the liars.