Stiffed By Hooker Price Hike? Call 911...

Food, gas, and electricity prices going up.  We accept that.  But paying more for sex?  Well in Ann Arbor, Michigan no-way-Jose!

The 911 call made at 10:30pm was first reported as a robbery. When the cops arrived they found a 45-year-old guy arguing with a 19-year-old female over the amount of cash for coochie.

Police reported the man and the woman had agreed on a price in an online transaction. But just after the female showed-up at the guys house she demanded more for less.

Pissed at the bait-and-switch-for-hoohoo switcharoo the guy got mad.  So when the hooker held her fare he called 911. What did the cops come up with? They arrested her for solicitation, and let him go.

In Ann Arbor the price of pussy is sacrosanct.  Getting stiffed by a sex worker is okay as long as you call the cops - they know what to do - arrest her.

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