Min Wage Workers Protest Min Wage

Fast food workers in New York somehow got the idea they have the power to demand higher wages.  Guess no one told them they are easier to replace than a roll of toilet paper.

Are min wage workers paid too little?  Of course, that's stating the obvious.  Will min wage workers get pay raises?  Of course not.  That's what it means to work for minimum wage - it's minimum.

Obama failed to restore the workforce destroying middle class wages and driving one-hundred million out of work.  Today's jobs numbers rip apart the phony optimism and fake cheerleading that got Obama reelected.

Most of the min wage workers complaining today voted for Obama are are backed by the insidious SEIU union.  They're getting what they deserve. If these guys don't put their aprons back on the only sure thing they'll receive is a fresh spot on a jobless line.

"Enough’s enough," said 24-year-old burger flipper Alterique Hall. "Low-paid workers are sick and tired of being sick and tired...He says he can't make ends meet on the $8-per-hour he's paid, and often relies on his grandmother and aunt for meals.'   Alterique seems confused.  Wonder why?  Oh yea, someone gave him the idea the world owes him a living.  Wonder who?

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