Black Minister Paints Race Slurs On Own House

When did blacks get the idea they can do whatever they want as long as they blame it on racism?  Oh yea, the race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made an art form scamming big bucks for phony race charges.

The cops were told to investigate a possible hate crime in Chesterfield, Va yesterday.  Allegedly someone painted horrific racial slurs on a black preachers house then set a car and the house on fire.  True, the cops did determine the slurs were all over the burning house, but how they got there is special.

Minister Olander D. Cuthrell painted the slurs on his own home and car before setting both ablaze himself.

Olander apparently had some serious money problems and looked to remedy them by defrauding his home and car insurance policies.

The DA charged Cuthrell with two felony arson counts following a joint investigation with the FBI. The Angle wonders why Cuthrell isn't also charge with a self-hate crime? After all, he painted the crap on his own house. Or are hate crimes only committed by whites against blacks?

The moral of this story is plain. Why would a black guy think to cover an arson with fake race epitaphs? Could it be because Obama uses the race card to maintain his power?  Maybe.

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