Dems War On Poverty Abysmal Failure

Did you know disgraced Democrat president Lyndon Johnson birthed the 1964 'War On Poverty.'

The population of the USA in 1964 was 190 million and the poverty rate was around 19% or about 35 million people.  Fast forward to 2013.  The USA has 314 million and the poverty rate is still around 19% increasing to 60 million people.

The spending begun by Johnson has accumulated and accelerated under Obama - the price tag for failing to erase poverty is well north of $15 trillion.  About the size of the current record national debt.

Under Ofail there are 90 million out of the job market, 48 million on food stamps, 4.5 million on welfare a 32% jump since 2008, and 11 million on disability. More than half of all income earners pay no federal income tax due to low wages.

Spending $15 trillion on a war without end seems a little ludicrous huh.  Since the number of those on poverty has doubled and the rate of poverty is still the same from 50 years ago doesn't it make sense to declare poverty the winner?  If Johnson had not started this thing we would have no national debt at all!

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