Johns Hopkins Student Council Censors Pro-Life Group

Johns Hopkins is growing little post pubescent fascists on campus.

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Johns Hopkins University denied the pro-life student group Voice For Life (VFL) the status of official student club in order to 'protect' students from pro-life viewpoints.

This despite granting recognition in the same session to Students for Justice in Palestine who are rabid anti-Semites often inciting campus disruption.

Scrambling to justify the censorship the SGA claimed the pro-life group's national website is "offensive" because there's a link to the website for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Former SGA VP and a co-author of the SGA Constitution Evan Lazerowitz was shocked by the action and penned a letter reminding the SGA that, 'The fact is, quite simply, that the SGA’s actions constitute viewpoint discrimination, which violates the SGA Constitution. Concern about a group’s message, and groups that it supports, definitely violates the free speech guarantee of the SGA Constitution.'

Ironically the school's motto is right out of the New Testament bible, John 8:32, 'The Truth Will Set You Free.'  Wonder if the anti free speech students on the SGA are secular humanists too - wouldn't that be a hoot?

Looks like JHU is gonna have to sand-blast the bible motto off their granite obelisks and replace with 'Our Way Or The Highway.'