Graffiti Tagger Dies At End Of Own Rope

Graffiti taggers are dumber than a box of hair due to IQs lower than room temperature.  Their lives are full of failure lacking even the simple ability to get a minimum wage job.

Armed with a $2 can of spray paint they piss on the public leaving no-talent scrawls anywhere they think some unlucky innocent will happen to look..

So when one of them sneaks into a 230 foot tall public building with a rope, a can of spray paint, a glass etching tool, and an intent to vandalize walls and windows will anyone lose sleep catching a glimpse of a cold, dead tagger body dangling at the end of his own cheap Home Depot rope from the side of that building?

Not the Angle.

'From everything we can tell, he didn't have any special rope rappelling equipment on, climbing equipment or anything like that," he said. "He appeared to be looped into the rope,' noted Sacramento PD Michele Gigante.

Sacramento is a dangerous place for these guys.  Three weeks ago a 22-year-old convicted graffiti tagger took a face-plant in the middle of the double-yellow line on the street below a freeway bridge he was defacing.  Bang! Score 2 for the public, 0 for the taggers.