Liver Disease Not From Heavy Drinking

The increase in liver disease (cirrhosis) is up 20% since 2000.  Yet per capita alcohol consumption is not up 20%.  So what gives?

‘Most people die of liver disease after just their first or second admission to hospital for it, as they have not realized they were suffering with it — and their condition will be so far advanced. By the time they are seen, it is too late,’ says Dr Martin Prince, consultant hepatologist.

Scaring alone is not a death sentence.  The trick is to assess the extent of damage using an ultrasound to assess the stiffness of the liver. A result between 7 and 13 suggests some damage — more than 14 indicates cirrhosis.

The Brits profiled six people, both genders, ranging in weight and drinking habits. The beer and nuts guy on the far left (10.9) and the home brew guy second from right (5.9) in the group pictured above, scored the highest.  The bottle a day female has a normal liver (2.4). 

So the quickest way to a dead liver is to be both fat and drink moderately to heavy.  Liver lottery winners can drink as much as they want as long as their genes align to protect them.

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