Hoarder Mummified By Own Garbage

Alice Klee, 68, from New Milford, NJ, hadn't been seen since the end of January. Neighbors rarely saw her anyway but after a couple of months they called 911.

The cops scoured Alice's funk-filled domicile piled high in hoarder trash and dead cats. Not even the K-9 cadaver dogs got her scent..

Not until her landlord finally got court permission to clear her stuff out was the grisly discovery made. The landlord found Alice jammed between her bed and a teeming pile of crap.

Police were baffled. Despite earlier search effort by police the woman was indeed inside the house buried under so much litter she had lost most of the moisture in her body eventually becoming mummified.

Foul play is not suspected. Alice simply fell from her bed.  Unable to move and with no one to hear her murmurs the old women became one with her garbage.  The take-away is easy.  What you don't throw out may kill you.