35% Of All Tax Cheats Live In California

The not so secret IRS auditing strategies are revealed by the National Taxpayer Advocate ombudsman.

The IRS sees 1.6 million tax cheaters yearly and knows where to look based on past audits.

The IRS identifies 350 communities across 24 states as clusters of tax scammers. A little over one-third of the nefarious revenue dodgers reside in California.  Most near Los Angeles and San Francisco.

You domiciled in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach in California, New Carrollton in Maryland or College Park in Georgia?  The IRS says you live in the worst tax evasion clusters of them all.

The same applies to small businesses located in or near one of four areas. Selling bagels in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, West Somerville, Massachusetts, Portersville, Indiana and Mott Haven the Bronx?  Expect not just tax hikes from Democrats, but scrutiny from the IRS.

Ultimately the IRS wants a return on it's investment too since the service can only audit 1% of the 140 million returns yearly.  So the scourge goes after the whales - the big income earners.  And that usually means California and New York.

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