Female Professor Predicts End Of Men

Professor Jenny Graves is an Australian geneticist of some import.  And she is a laugh.

Prof Graves took a look at the male Y chromosome and marked it down as more fragile than the female X chromosome. So she predicts all males will be gone in five million years.

Ms. Graves wasn't asked 'what then.'  She just wanted to ponder the demise of males.

Professor Chris Mason, also a geneticist begs to differ. He says even if the Y chromosome crumbles away in the next few million years, medicine will have ample time to engineer new ones.

The Angle begs to interject.  In a thousand years people will be batch formulate by computers made to order. Gender will play no role at all - it's not needed when cobbling people from a petri dish. Does anyone believe bipedal humanoids will still be around in a million years?  Either gender?

What's the point of predicting gender demise anyway? What is it with some women these days? No matter what field they enter somehow some of them get a hard-on for the males already there and begin to fantasize their end..