Beaver Kills Man

Did you know beavers are the largest rodents on the planet (except for liberals)?  They may look cuddly, maybe even pet worthy but don't be fooled.

Last July, 8-year-old Annabella Radnovich and her 11-year-old sister, Alyssa, were swimming in Lake Anna, VA when a 65 pound beaver bit them so badly they needed medical treatment at a nearby hospital.  

And in 2003 a Belarus farm manager and farmhand were bitten by a rabid beaver that was stealing lumber from their barn.

Belarus seems to be the land of crazed, rabid beavers.  Last week a guy went fishing with a pal in Lake Shestakov.  The two saw a beaver strolling along a road near the lake.  They decided to get a picture.  One of them approached the big rat snapping away when it pounced on him and mauled him so badly he started to gush blood from the wounds badly.

Remember, these things can fell trees with their teeth and many weigh as much as a small woman.  The guy's friend tried in vain to stop the blood flow, but the beaver nicked an artery and the guy died in his arms.

The moral is simple.  Rodents are nasty, especially the big dam and house building ones.  If you suspect beavers are in the lake then stay away from there.

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