Homeless Guy Sets 7-11 Patron Ablaze

Most of us sympathize with the homeless.  The homeless are innocent victims of Obama's economy. But a few are sociopaths and dangerous.

Vagrant 38-year-old Raymond Sean Clark was arrested after setting a 63-year-old man on fire as he backed his SUV out of a 7-11 parking spot in Long Beach, CA.

Steve Cox, a witness told police he gave spare change to Clark minutes before the fire. Cox said the victim apparently walked past Clark and refused Clark's panhandling plea.

Robert Linkroum saw Clark target the SUV like he was 'walking on a mission.'  Linkroum said he saw Clark throw what looked like a bottle into the vehicle and toss in a lit match.

Shannon Flynn said the victim was visible as he 'was engulfed in flames. The fire was so big, people were screaming...'

Clark's in jail charged with attempted murder.  Since Clark is black and the victim was an angry old white guy why no hate crime charge?