Wal-Mart Proves Obama And Unions Wrong

Wal-Mart - even if ya don't shop there ya gotta love 'em for both bargains and success.

Founded by Sam Walton in 1962 store #1 is in Rogers, Arkansas. Today Walmart is the world's largest employer (2 million) and largest retail company ($450B). Wal-Mart built by people, not as idiot Obama says by the government.

Today 4,300 stores are making $36M bucks per hour. Over 100M customers per week!  If Wal-Mart were a country it would be 19th largest in the world.

More than anything else, Wal-Mart is a classic American success story.  Wal-Mart pays (not takes) $6B in taxes annually, incidentally.

So Wal-Mart is the perfect target for those indulging in petty class-warfare - like Obama and the SEIU.

Wal-Mart says its customers are being squeezed. ‘I don’t think the economy is helping us,’ Charles Holley, Wal-Mart’s CFO notes. ‘Our customer is still very concerned about employment.'

Employment?  Oh. Holley must be talking about the seventeen-million jobs Obama LOST...not the two-million jobs that Sam Walton created.

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