Zimmerman's Big Break: Trayvon's Girlfriend Lied

George Zimmerman will walk.  And when he does, black racists nationwide will not be happy.

Obama invoked the race card to get elected.  In fact, the only reason Zimmerman is in jail is because Obama and his black mafia are in power.

Trayon Martin's girlfriend, also known as 'witness 8' and key for the prosecution, lied under oath, according to lawyers on both sides of the case.

Most of the prosecutor's case hinges on her affidavit where she testified she was on the phone talking to Trayvon during the night in question.  She claimed Trayvon told her 'a man is following me' implying Travon was being stalked.

Zimmerman has consistently stated that it was he who was stalked and later attacked from behind by Trayvon.

So far prosecutors have not indicated the girl will be charged with perjury.  Recall, the prosecutor did go after Zimmerman's wife when she misstated the couple's financial history in the bail hearing.

Sadly, the entire trial is a miscarriage of justice brought by political pressure from race hustlers Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, and even Obama himself.  Obama jumped into the fray when he lamented that had he had a son he would have 'looked' like Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman's attorneys said they won't try to get the charges dropped in an April 'stand your ground' defense hearing.  Instead, they will spend the remaining valuable time preparing for trial.  A trial that should not be happening in the first place.