Cops: Zimmerman Self Defense Solid

Race hustlers Farrakhan, Obama, Sharpton and Jackson make their living pushing race division.

And these guys wasted no time making the automatic race charge when a black kid gets shot. But only if the there is a non black in the fray.

The false notion that Trayvon's death was race motivated is a complete fabrication. But necessary if the race hustlers are to intervene.

Zimmerman's father, 64-year-old Robert Zimmerman revealed that George (Jorge) is in fact Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial environment.

A witness stated Zimmerman was walking back to his SUV when Martin jumped him and pinned him to the ground.  The cries for help heard on a 911 call were from Jorge, not from Trayvon.

The police report that Zimmerman was decked by one blow and Martin was bashing his head into a sidewalk counter the lie that Zimmerman was the perp..  Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and multiple cuts to the face.  And now we know that Trayvon was trying to grab the gun when it went off.

While the 'mob' revs up it's own notion of justice and ignores the inconvenient facts of the case the vigilante blacks putting out bounty offers will no doubt be unhappy when Zimmerman is cleared in the end.

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